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Say No To Bugs - Powerful and Safe Insect Treatment

Say No To Bugs - Powerful and Safe Insect Treatment

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Say No To Bugs is an all-natural insect treatment for houseplants. It contains a powerful blend of essential oils, OMRI-certified soaps, and neem oil that work as an effective treatment for common household pests including mealybugs, fungus gnats, spider mites, aphids, and more. Applied to the top of the soil, it also fights fungus and can be used as a drench against root rot. Use on and around indoor plants as needed or twice per month as a preventative. If using outdoors, apply early morning or late evening to avoid intense direct sun and possible leaf burn.

Although this product utilizes neem oil for insect protection, rest assured it does NOT smell like neem. Say No To Bugs naturally smells like lemongrass, clove, and cedar due to its essential oil content.

Suitable for use on most tropical house plants, including monstera, snake plant, pothos, alocasia, philodendron, rubber plant, fiddle leaf fig, peace lily, orchids, various succulents/cacti, and many more. Test for tolerance before continued use.

This product is natural, cruelty-free, vegan, and made in the USA. 

Safe for people and pets when used as directed.

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Water, Neem Oil, Castile Soap, Geranium Oil, Cedar Oil, Clove Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Peppermint Oil, Thyme Oil, Black Pepper Oil

How To Use


Shake well and unlock the bottle. Spray a gentle, even mist on plant leaves and wipe away insect matter if possible. Apply another mist and let dry. Treat leaves, stems, soil, and surrounding area to remove and repel insects. Mist and wipe (if desired) the affected plants once and check back in 4 or so days. Reapply if or as needed. To treat roots, apply a heavy treatment to soil and water as normal. Mist once or twice per month as a preventative if desired.

More Information

Keep pests away without harming your family or pets. Say No To Bugs uses a gentle yet effective approach to eliminate current bug infestations and deter insects after application.

Protect your plants from tiny invaders, fungus, and root rot.

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Safe Around Family and Pets

All Urban Gardener products are formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients that are safe to use around your family, pets, and plants.

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