Who Is Urban Gardener?

Our Mission

Urban Gardener was founded with a mission to allow anyone to grow great plants at home regardless of experience or growing skills. We take the guesswork out of plant care by providing all-natural, highly effective plant care products that don't require mixing or guesswork.

Read more about our innovative ingredients here. We believe that the products you use in your home around your family and pets should also be safe and easy to use without worry. Make Urban Gardener a part of your daily plant care ritual and give your plants what they need to grow lush, tall and healthy. Check out our selection of great products here.

Our Story

Co-founder Mason Demrow comes from a long line of plant and garden lovers, including a few master gardeners. Co-founder, Ryun Bibro, comes from a history in developing products for some of America's most successful CPG's. Together, they are creating products that are natural, effective, and make a difference in people's (and plants’) lives.

100% Natural

Whereas many commercially available plant care products contain inorganic fertilizers, harsh chemicals, and animal waste, our products are clean, natural, and formulated with concern for your health and the well-being of your family and pets. 

We started with curiosity and a real desire to provide for plants

We had the same questions that all new plant enthusiasts have when they start out. What do our plants need? How many products should we use, and how often? How do these things all work together? We were looking for something easy that we could incorporate into our busy schedules and that, most of all, gave us the ability to easily care for our plants without worry. 

Science-based & natural

When we began, we found that many of the products available at the local garden center were packed with inorganic pesticides and petrochemicals. We looked towards the best science in the application of natural ingredients being used and tested in high-yield organic farming and sustainable farming. We found great alternatives that were both kind to nature and effective at providing growth support for plants. This process ultimately led to asking the all-important question: "Why are these products and techniques not being offered to everyday consumers for use at home?” With Urban Gardener’s natural products, we’re bringing the secrets of professional growers to you.