Urban Gardener Super Growth Elixir Use Guide

Super Growth Elixir is an innovative way to care for your plants by delivering nutrients, protective compounds and growth enhancing substances directly to your plant's leaves. Our proprietary blend of beneficial ingredients provides a high degree of bioavailability and improves plant health almost immediately. If used as directed, plants start to take on a brighter more vibrant appearance within a few weeks.

For most Tropical plants, use 2-3 times a week by applying a fine mist to the leaves and stems. Gently wipe with a soft cloth if any large drops or pooling occurs. Apply liberally to the soil once a week before watering. For succulents and cacti, apply once per week.

Test a few leaves and check back in 24 hours to assess tolerance. Discontinue use if leaves become brown, wilted or damaged.

Super Growth Elixir contains sea kelp which delivers important nutrients directly to leaves, but will build up on the leaf surface over time. Don't worry this is completely normal and is not bad for the plant. Use Super Growth Elixir in conjunction with our other products as an important parts of your total plant health regimen. Use our Urban Gardner LEAF RADIANCE a few times a month to clean and condition leaves. This resets the leaf and removes environmental contaminates from the epidermis or upper layer of the leaf cuticle. Essential plant oils also serve to protect the plant while allowing it to breath and carry out effective photosynthesis. Regular use of Super Growth Elixir and Leaf Radiance together will keep leaves health and provide your leaves with deep rich colors and a healthy shine.

RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH: Monstera Deliciosa, Philodendron, Peace Lily, Rubber Tree, Dracaena, Pothos, Spider Plant, Orchids, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Lucky Bamboo, Calathea, Laceleaf, Croton, Pilea Peperomioides, Guiana Chestnut, Yucca, Peperomia, Palm, Succulents, Cacti, Weeping Fig, Calla Lillies, Prayer Plant, Dieffenbachia, Snake Plant, Croton Plant, and many more. Avoid applying to plants with soft velvety or silky leaves. Plants are delicate living organisms and may react differently depending on species and environmental factors. Test on a few leaves and assess for tolerance 24 hours before general use. Urban Gardner does not guarantee against damage done to plants as a result of it's use.

MAINTAINING PLANT HEALTH Urban Gardener's plant health approach seeks to build healthy plants through regular and ongoing care. Super Growth Elixir provides daily micronutrient support and improves a plant's ability to readily absorb moisture and manage water usage. Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial components fight off disease before it becomes too late for you to react. In addition to these benefits, SGE also repels many of the small bugs that damage your plants leaves, stems and roots.

Water your plants regularly either from the top of the soil or via bottom watering (usually once per week) based on recommendations by plant type. It is also crucial that you do your best to provide the correct lighting requirements. Most tropical plants evolved under a lush forest canopy and do best when not directly exposed to bright light. Get your water and light right and Super Growth Elixir will take it from there.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. We would also love to hear about your plant successes and help you with your challenges. Happy Plants! Happy People!